Leondro Releases Feisty New “Funk You” Single

“Real Snakes, Seen ‘Em Slither:” Rising Toronto Rapper Leondro Blasts Doubters, Naysayers in Feisty New “Funk You” Single 



Funk You” is Leondro’s honest open letter to “all the doubters” who criticized the embattled rapper during his ascent to a career in hip-hop. The new track signals Leondro’s continued rise within the hip-hop community, a prospect deemed unlikely following several adolescent run-ins with the law. Leondro decided at age twenty that he would make his hard-working mother proud by not becoming the stereotypical “project” kid who ends up in jail. More information on Leondro’s intriguing story of redemption is available on his official website.

According to Leondro, “Funk You” is a song dedicated to all the doubters who criticized the rapper during his journey to stardom:

Growing up, one of the many challenges I faced was dealing with the teachers and peers who said I would never be successful. My response to them is in the lyrics to “Funk You.” I hope they hear it.

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