Leondro performing with Choclair at Uptown Soul

I’ll be performing at Uptown Soul along with hip hop pioneer CHOCLAIR and Chux Starr on March 11 at Rivoli in Toronto. Come watch!

Saturday March 11th 2017
The Rivoli – 334 Queen St. W. Toronto

Canadian Hip Hop Pioneer
Choclair with Leondro, Chux Starr & Special Guests

Music by: DJ Jay

Limited Online Tickets: http://www.ticketgateway.com

RSVP | Tickets | Info: 647.222.7178 | andreblenman@gmail.com

Leondro Releases New Self Titled Album


Leondro Hip Hop Album

Leondro’s self titled EP has been a year in the making and is the first album release from the Toronto native as part of the newly minted Surf City Artists & Repertoire record label. The EP has already rapidly made it onto the CMJ radio charts and is a collection of 6 energetic tracks including the inspirational single “Super Big” which recently received a nomination for Music Video of the Year by the Canadian Urban Television Hip Hop Awards. The release also features a bonus song called Shut Up and Dance which is sure to raise the heat this summer. Leondro’s creative range will move you with street anthems like “Hunnit” to the smooth the dedication to his lady in “Girl You The Ish”.

Download the album at your favourite online store or get it here.

“Super Big” Receives 3 Nominations at CUT Hip Hop Awards

Canadian Urban Television Awards Leondro

Leondro’s latest single “Super Big” has been nominated for three awards at the Canadian Urban Television Hip Hop Awards 2016. They are Rap Single of the Year, Music Video of the Year and Song Writer of the Year. The winner is decided by the fans so we need you to vote in order to help us win. You can vote every day with the final awards being announced on September 11, 2016 in Edmonton, Canada. Vote Here

Leondro Pays Ultimate Tribute to His Selfless Mother in “Super Big”

“I praise you, my angel”

Leondro - Super Big


With Mother’s Day coming this weekend, rising Toronto rapper Leondro is setting the bar high with “Super Big,” his touching new ode to his hard-working and self-sacrificing mother. Featuring fellow Canadian rapper Yoko Gold, “Super Big” looks back with appreciation and affection on Leondro’s mother’s hardships as “she fought to keep her children’s future bright.”

Leondro will officially premiered “Super Big” at the Easter Seals Telethon in Toronto on April 10. Funds raised through the Easter Seals Telethon help make a difference for children who live with physical disabilities in Ontario. Help our fundraising drive by donating today!

While “Super Big” details Leondro’s difficulty growing up without a father, its main focus is on his good fortune in having a mother who shouldered the burden. As a single parent, Leondro’s mother fought to keep her children out of trouble while still providing food to eat and a roof over their head. “Super Big” is from the perspective of a man who is only now able to fully understand and appreciate the full scope of his mother’s sacrifices.

Get ready to get up and go “Low” with Leondro

Club Paradise: Featuring Catchy Blend of African Congos and Caribbean Reggaeton, Toronto Rapper Leondro Primed for Dancefloor Triumph with New “Low” Single

Leondro - Low


Leondro’s “Low” represents a brand new sound that features a unique blend of hip-hop and dance.

New single and video for “Like That” released

Maestro of Manic Movement: With Energetic New “Like That” Single, Rising Toronto Rapper Leondro Keeps the Dance Floor Hopping – Even after the Party



The song combines a high energy beat with a danceable and dynamic rhythm, fully intended to, according to Leondro, “keep the ladies on the dance floor – even after the party is over.”

New Video For Hunnit Released

Today marks the video release of “Hunnit,” the clever new single by tried and true rising Toronto rapper Leondro. “Hunnit” is both the announcement of Leondro’s arrival on the music scene and a tribute to the record label that inspired Leondro. The trap-pop infused gem was prompted by the impact Cash Money Records had on the industry in the late 1990s, an era that saw the rise of hip-hop icons such as Juvenile and Lil Wayne. Smooth and full of flavor, Leondro shines on “Hunnit” via his use of clever wordplay. The release of “Hunnit” marks Leondro’s rise within the hip-hop community, a prospect deemed unlikely following several adolescent run-ins with the law.

Hunt Music Video to be Released Feb 01, 2016


Hope you all enjoy our latest music video “Hunnit” filmed in Toronto last fall.

Leondro - Hunnit

Being released February 1, 2016

Leondro Interview on CanadianBeats.ca

Fresh off the release of “Funk You” and “Girl You The Ish”, Leondro has managed to land an interview with the one and only Canadian Beats website. We also gave them exclusive access to premiere his new lyric video for “Funk You” so be sure to check it out. > Read the interview.

Leondro Releases Feisty New “Funk You” Single

“Real Snakes, Seen ‘Em Slither:” Rising Toronto Rapper Leondro Blasts Doubters, Naysayers in Feisty New “Funk You” Single 



Funk You” is Leondro’s honest open letter to “all the doubters” who criticized the embattled rapper during his ascent to a career in hip-hop. The new track signals Leondro’s continued rise within the hip-hop community, a prospect deemed unlikely following several adolescent run-ins with the law. Leondro decided at age twenty that he would make his hard-working mother proud by not becoming the stereotypical “project” kid who ends up in jail. More information on Leondro’s intriguing story of redemption is available on his official website.

According to Leondro, “Funk You” is a song dedicated to all the doubters who criticized the rapper during his journey to stardom:

Growing up, one of the many challenges I faced was dealing with the teachers and peers who said I would never be successful. My response to them is in the lyrics to “Funk You.” I hope they hear it.

Get the song on iTunes.