Leondro Pays Ultimate Tribute to His Selfless Mother in “Super Big”

“I praise you, my angel”

Leondro - Super Big


With Mother’s Day coming this weekend, rising Toronto rapper Leondro is setting the bar high with “Super Big,” his touching new ode to his hard-working and self-sacrificing mother. Featuring fellow Canadian rapper Yoko Gold, “Super Big” looks back with appreciation and affection on Leondro’s mother’s hardships as “she fought to keep her children’s future bright.”

Leondro will officially premiered “Super Big” at the Easter Seals Telethon in Toronto on April 10. Funds raised through the Easter Seals Telethon help make a difference for children who live with physical disabilities in Ontario. Help our fundraising drive by donating today!

While “Super Big” details Leondro’s difficulty growing up without a father, its main focus is on his good fortune in having a mother who shouldered the burden. As a single parent, Leondro’s mother fought to keep her children out of trouble while still providing food to eat and a roof over their head. “Super Big” is from the perspective of a man who is only now able to fully understand and appreciate the full scope of his mother’s sacrifices.